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Editor's blog: Ask Eurogamer at the Eurogamer Expo

Ask us anything! We don't bite.

An artist's rendering of the panel crowd.

In amongst all the other attractions at this year's Eurogamer Expo - you know, next-gen consoles, amazing developer sessions and kickass pinball machines - we thought it would be nice to do something that's a bit more specific to and the people who organise the show.

So, at 5.30pm on Saturday 28th - that's day three of the show for anyone marathoning the whole thing - we are doing an "Ask Eurogamer" panel in the smaller auditorium next door to the developer sessions room. I'll be there along with Oli Welsh, Ellie Gibson and our high overlord Rupert Loman to take questions about games, games journalism, the industry, the Expo, Gamer Network and anything else you fancy asking about. Grammar! Someone ask me about grammar.

There will be other Eurogamery folk milling about too and it will generally be pretty informal and just a nice opportunity for us all to say hi to each other.

If you fancy coming along and doing that, then follow the signs to the developer sessions in time for 5.30pm and we'll see you there. You probably won't need to queue, but allowing 10-15 minutes for climbing stairs and other mishaps would be sensible.

Oh, and bring your 3DS, obviously. StreetPass orgy!

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