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EA Sports releases new online figures

Half a billion matches now played.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA Sports has revealed its games have been played online 500 million times since last June.

More than 2.2 million sessions take place each day, on average. The figure is up 175 per cent over last year.

Six EA Sports titles have more than half a million registered online users. Madden NFL 09 and FIFA 09 have more than 2.4 million players each. EA Sports fans have racked up over 4 billion minutes of online play since last summer, and play the equivalent of more than 35 years of games each day.

According to bossman Peter Moore, "The massive migration to online gaming has transformed the videogame landscape, and this week’s 500 millionth online EA Sports game highlights the radical shift that we’ve helped pioneer in the industry."

He then blathered on for a bit about "the global language of sports", "the emotion of sports" and "the massive vats of cash to be made by doing games about sports" (maybe not the last one).

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