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EA put Iceland's awesome Viking thunderclap celebration in FIFA 18


Remember when Iceland knocked England out of Euro 2016, and the players did that awesome Viking thunderclap celebration in front of their fans? EA's put that in FIFA.

If you win a game in the FIFA 18 World Cup update that went live last week as Iceland, you get the special celebration, complete with unique player and crowd animations.

Here's how it looks in real life (the video below shows Iceland celebration knocking England out):

Cover image for YouTube video

And here's how it looks in the FIFA 18 World Cup update:

Cover image for YouTube videoFIFA 18 World Cup - ICELAND CELEBRATION

Pretty cool, isn't it!

I've only dipped my toe into FIFA 18's World Cup update so far, but reckon it's a decent addition for a free patch. The online tournament is good, it's got all the officially-licensed gubbins you could want - including updated player faces - and cool FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup integration.