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EA Play launches on Steam at the end of August

Access granted.

EA Play - the new name for all of EA's subscription services - launches on Steam on 31st August.

EA Access and Origin Access Basic are now known as EA Play, and Origin Access Premier is now called EA Play Pro. There's a new logo, but what you get for your money remains the same, and the cost remains the same: £3.99/month or £19.99/year for EA Play, and £14.99/month or £89.99/year for EA Play Pro.

EA Play is currently available on three platforms: PC via Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Only EA Play will be available on Steam at launch.

As usual, it unlocks new games early. FIFA 21, for example, has an early access trial starting 1st October for subscribers. Star Wars: Squadrons players get in-game perks through vanity items like the Interceptor Elegance helmet and the Ashen Monarch Starfighter paint job set.