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EA Origin allows three games out to play on GOG

Good ones, and they're discounted.

EA has allowed three old games out to play on on GOG.com and they are discounted for the occasion. The games are Dragon Age: Origins, which I love; Dead Space, which you told us off for giving 7/10 to; and SimCity 3000, which is how we'd prefer to remember that series.

Dragon Age: Oranges is a snip at $7.89 (which is probably around £20 ha ha Brexit joke), Dead Space is $7.89 and SimCity 3000 is $5.20.

Dragon Age: Origins was released 2009 and may be my favourite in the series. It had proper turn-based role-playing guts, and lots of systems for programming your team-mates. They were the kind of things pulled out and streamlined for the glitzier, more action-packed experiences in DA2 and DA3 - although the third game at least tried (and was good, I should add). Heck I even liked DA2 don't hurt me.

Richard Cobbett looked back at Dragon Age: Origins in a retrospective earlier this year.

Cover image for YouTube videoDragon Age: Origins - Sacred Ashes Cinematic Trailer #1 [HQ]
Doesn't look quite like this in-game I should add.

Dead Space came out in 2008 and went down a treat, spawning a series that shone brightly with Dead Space 2 and was snuffed out by Dead Space 3.

SimCity 3000 is the oldest of the three, having been released in 1999 - a lifetime away from the mismanaged SimCity reboot of 2013.