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E3: Konami shows Silent Hill 5

First shots arrive, details.

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Konami has finally taken the spooky wraps off next-generation chiller Silent Hill V.

The game is on show at E3 this week, and is accompanied by the very first trailer and screenshots to be released.

Silent Hill V follows war veteran Alex Shepherd on his way home from active duty, following the disappearance of his younger brother Joshua. At first, all clues point towards the mother-is-your-brother community of Shepherd's Glen, but soon Alex finds himself on the mist-shrouded streets of Silent Hill. Now that's just careless.

Everything this time around will be bigger and better, as you might expect. Combat is more in-depth, offering you more moves to battle the nightmarish creatures in the creepy village, and you're promised more control than ever over the main man. Puzzles are more complex, too, and it goes without saying that it will have a hugely atmospheric ambience - with famed composer Akira Yamaoka scribing the score.

But it isn't original developer Team Silent making the game this time around. Instead it's being created by Team Collective, responsible for Marc Ecko, Buffy, and an upcoming Dirty Harry game to name a few. Which leaves us pondering exactly what Team Silent is up to at the moment.

"With gritty graphics and sound combining to create a haunting atmosphere and all-new visceral gameplay elements, Silent Hill V shows the level to which next-generation hardware can enhance the player's overall gaming experience," said Brian Christian, product development chief at Konami.

We'll be bringing you our thoughts of the game this week. In the meantime you can pop over to Eurogamer TV for the trailer and into our Silent Hill V gallery for the screenshots.

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