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Duke Nukem Begins developer revealed

It's Gearbox Software, say legal docs.

Remember the story last month about how a "well-known videogame developer" was working on another Duke Nukem game, Duke Begins?

Turns out the developer in question was in fact Gearbox Software, best known for producing the Brothers in Arms series. Shacknews discovered the info in some legal documents filed as part of the ongoing dispute between Take-Two and 3D Realms.

Take-Two confirmed development of the game "has for the time being been halted", but said the project hasn't been canned. The publisher claims it's none of 3D Realms' business whether the schedule is altered, adding that it's a matter for Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games and Gearbox.

3D Realms has alleged Duke Begins was due to launch by the middle of next year and is annoyed that it'll be late. The studio reckons a delay to royalty payments will stop 3D from being able to repay a USD 2.5 million advance due to be returned in 2012.

Confused? In brief: Gearbox was doing Duke Begins, but now development has been stopped, but development is ongoing, and 3D Realms is cross but Take-Two says they started it. Or something.