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DS dominates Spain, Germany

Nintendo still on a roll.

Weekly sales in the Spanish and German charts have once again been dominated by Nintendo.

Seven out of ten spots in both lists were held by Wii or DS games, while 360 and PS3 titles were both absent.

The top looked the same across both, with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on top respectively, followed by More Brain Training at three.

In Germany that was followed by Brain Training at four, SingStar 90s at five, and a resurgence of PC MMO World of Warcraft and expansion The Burning Crusade at six and seven. Rounding it off were Mario Party at 8, launch title Wii Play at 9, and Animal Crossing: Wild World at ten.

Spain saw DS movie tie-in Ratatouille at four, followed by the platinum versions of PES6 and Smackdown! Vs Raw 2007 at five and six respectively. Original Brain Training took seventh, followed by Big Brain Training on Wii at eight, Wii Play at nine, and the PS2 version of Ratatouille at ten.

Last week Chart-Track figures showed that Nintendo should break the 1 million sales mark for Wii in the UK in just under a month. If it keeps its momentum up it could become the best selling next-generation console here by October.

But the recent 360 price cut and upcoming games BioShock, Blue Dragon, Halo 3 and Mass Effect should make that increasingly more difficult.