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Wii nearly UK's best seller

To pass 1m in a few weeks.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Nintendo Wii is on course to hit one million sales in the UK within three to four weeks, according to official sell-through figures from Chart-Track.

Currently the console is outselling the 360 in the UK by over four to one, and the PS3 by more than six to one each week. If it keeps it up, it should pass the GameCube's lifetime UK sales figure of just over a million by the end of September.

Naturally, then, its next milestone will be to overhaul Microsoft's lead in the UK - which, if the current trend continues, could be before the end of October. Although with Halo 3 due out at the end of September and rumours of a possible price cut to coincide with it, Nintendo will have its work cut out to claim the number one spot that early.

Similar success stories are evident all around the world, with Nintendo swiftly closing on Microsoft to become the console manufacturer with the biggest worldwide installed base.

The Japanese giant is clearly on something of a roll, with DS installed base figures in the UK now around the 4 million mark.

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