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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker dated

Early March, says Square Enix.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has revealed that Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker will be with us on 14th March.

It is a Pokémon-style spin-off of the popular role-playing series, so you will be seeking out a collection of monsters for your squad, or you play god and cross-pollinate them to make your own breeds.

In total there are around 200 to collect, with each ready to be trained and moulded into your squad. Then you can pit your squad against your friends using Wi-Fi, or go international and join the Wildcard World Cup.

Elsewhere the title is illustrated with the cartoon charm of its PS2 siblings, and dotted with the sort of familiar faces seen in Journey of the Cursed King.

For a closer look, pop over to our Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker gamepage.

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