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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 gets Western PS4 release date

Now with four-player online co-op.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will be released 28th April 2017 on PS4 in Europe, Square Enix has announced. It was released in Japan May 2016.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 repeats the one against many, Dynasty Warriors-style mayhem of the first game - but with the crucial addition of online four-player co-op. Two new heroes Lazarel and Teresa are available play.

Cover image for YouTube videoDragon Quest Heroes II Announcement Trailer [EU]

Dragon Quest Heroes 1 arrived here 2015, all colourful and bombastic. But the move to action-RPG meant some Dynasty Warriors magic was lost along the way. "Omega Force may gain some new supporters to its cause," wrote Simon Parkin in his Dragon Quest Heroes review, "but something vital has been traded in the endeavour."