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Dragon Quest Builders looks a lot like Minecraft


Square Enix has unveiled Dragon Quest Builders, a new game in the role-playing series due out for PlayStation 4, PS3 and Vita in Japan this winter.

There's little to go on, but we do have an official website and a screenshot, below, which makes it look like the game is heavily influenced by Minecraft.

According to Siliconera, Dragon Quest Builders may play like Minecraft, too. It It's described as a "block-building RPG", and is set in Alefgard, the name of a place in the first Dragon Quest series. Alefgard has been desolated by the Dragonlord, and it's up to the player to revive the land. You can freely create the lands using blocks. Remind you of anything?

Right now there's no word on whether Dragon Quest Builders will be released on these shores. One to watch.

Remind you of anything?