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Downloadable Lost Planet 2 demo at E3

Or thereabouts, says Jun Takeuchi.

Capcom hopes to release a downloadable Lost Planet 2 demo during or soon after E3 in early June.

"We are working hard right now to make sure there is a playable version of this game at E3 for anybody who's going to be in attendance there," producer Jun Takeuchi said at Captivate 09 in Monaco last week.

"And we're also hoping to have a downloadable demo - one of the things that was very popular from the original Lost Planet. We're also hoping to have a downloadable demo that anyone can play, and download just as soon as we can.

"We're hoping that that downloadable demo will be available to, you know, not just members of the press, but also to users, round about E3 as well."

Although the original Lost Planet was released in January 2007, an advanced demo version was released on Xbox Live during the preceding E3 in May 2006.

Capcom obviously got the bug from that, because Lost Planet 2 will follow a similar course with a late winter release.

Along with four-player co-operative play and a new split-perspective story mode, the game upgrades multiplayer considerably, with a levelling system and masses of customisation options.

You can check out how it's shaping up in our Lost Planet 2 preview, screenshots gallery and gameplay trailer.

[Editor's note: This item originally listed the game for multiple formats, but Xbox 360 is the only one announced so far. Apologies for the error.]

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Lost Planet 2

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