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Dota 2 will get The Stanley Parable's narrator as DLC

Joining Bastion's Rucks and GLaDOS as announcers.

Valve's popular MOBA Dota 2 will be getting The Stanley Parable's narrator as DLC.

The Stanley Parable creator David Wreden tweeted, "Sitting down with [co-developer William Pugh] to begin writing the Stanley Parable Dota 2 announcer pack." This can only be a good thing as The Stanley Parable's narrator (Kevan Brighting) was the star of the show in Galactic Cafe's fourth-wall breaking adventure. Of course, his role will be less vital in something like Dota 2 that isn't entirely predicated on narration, but I'm sure he'll still be a welcome presence with The Stanley Parable's writing team on board.

This is not the first time Dota 2 has had characters from other games take over as the announcer. Last year Bastion's narrator Rucks (Logan Cunningham) was added to to the game as paid DLC and this autumn Portal's lovable antagonist GLaDOS (Ellen McLain) followed suit.

The Stanley Parable was something of a sleeper hit with 100K copies being shifted in its first three days on the market. I know liked it, and our Chris Donlan spent upwards of 900 words explaining why dug it too in his The Stanley Parable review.

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