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Dogfighting multiplayer epic Strike Vector launches next week on Steam

Priced at $24.90 with new maps and modes to come.

Aerial combat game Strike Vector made some waves last year when it revealed that a four-person team was capable of making a polished-looking dogfighting game with high production values and fluid combat. The dev team eventually grew to nine, and after an only 15 month development cycle Strike Vector is ready to launch on 28th January for PC via Steam.

For the uninitiated, Strike Vector is a multiplayer-only affair as players compete with one another across eight maps. Players will be able to customise their own aircraft by mixing and matching up to eight possible weapons.

The real beauty of Strike Vector is that it allows players to toggle between zippy "Jet Mode" and a more Zone of the Enders-esque "Stationary Mode" where you transform into a mech, capable of strafing in all directions. Hopefully it will work better than it did for the similarly titled Strike Suit Zero, which attempted the same concept with less than stellar results.

Strike Vector will launch at $24.90 (about £15). The initial version of it will only contain four game modes with such standbys as: Deathmatch, Team Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Bounty Hunter, but the developer noted on its Steam page that it will be adding new modes and maps in the weeks ahead.

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