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Aerial-combat game Strike Vector's Steam Greenlight trailer looks incredible

Rome wasn't built in a day, but Strike Vector was built in 10 months... by four people.

Back in April I wrote about a multiplayer dogfighting game called Strike Vector that was being developed by a scant four people, including ex-staffers from Sony Liverpool (WipeOut) and Dontnod (Remember Me). After only 10 months in development, Strike Vector has taken to Steam Greenlight.

To kick off its campaign, the developer has released an amazing new trailer below.

Strike Vector will allow players to toggle between a traditional dogfighting "Jet Mode" and hovering "Stationary Mode" wherein you can strafe in all directions. You'll be able to switch between movement modes on the fly, and can shift perspectives between first and third-person as well.

So far announced modes include: Deathmatch, Domination, and Capture The Flag, but there will be more. Plus, you'll be able to customise your maneuverability, speed, and fire power.

Strike Vector is due on PC in 2014. I suspect we'll see this greenlit, very, very soon.

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