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Doctor Who idle game on the way

K9 clicker.

A new Doctor Who idle game has been announced for mobile phones.

The free-to-play app will include new and classic stories set in the worlds of the Whoniverse, with familiar faces and enemies popping up along the way.

The still-untitled game is described as being a narrative adventure in the idle genre - the same as Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes - and is due for worldwide release this year.

Exactly how this will look remains to be seen. Will you be building bits of the TARDIS to adventure further? Will you be gathering past Doctor Who incarnations and their companions?

Perhaps there are clues in developer Eastside Games' past portfolio, which includes tie-ins with other TV series such as The Office, Archer, RuPaul's Drag Race and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In that latter game, you're tasked with launching schemes to launder money for an animated version of Frank (Danny DeVito). A gallery of schemes can be seen on-screen, ticking away earning money. Perhaps this game will treat Doctor Who similarly, and we'll have to take part in multiple episodes at the same time, all seen within the time vortex?

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