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DJ Hero turntable detaches for lefties

Hidden mixing deck part revealed.

Activision's plastic turntable peripheral for DJ Hero can be detached into two pieces and reassembled for left-handed people.

And we've only seen one half of the peripheral so, according to Raging Gamer scans of a Game Informer preview. Our pictures don't show the mixing deck, which has a Crossfader slider, Euphoria button (star power) and Effects dial. A d-pad and facebuttons are hidden under a flap, too.

Gameplay sounds quite complex. The coloured buttons on the record represent the scrolling on-screen notes, but they slide right and left, which the player must match by fiddling with the Crossfader at the same time. Notes can be held down and the record pulled back or pushed forward to scratch, depending on the on-screen command - an X means you can do either.

Players can use the effects dial during passages highlighted in orange, adding anything from echo to flange to the left and right tracks or the entire mix.

Like Guitar Hero, perfect playing builds Star Power, or Euphoria in this case. But there's also a Rewind meter that takes the track back, just like a real DJs do when Craig David asks them for a rewind.

DJ Hero is out later this year for PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. DJ Shadow has been helping make the game, and he thinks the amount of freedom players will have over licensed music will "raise some eyebrows" across the industry.