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Disco Elysium's new Hardcore Mode makes Martinaise even more miserable

And ultrawide monitor support is here too.

Developer ZA/UM's acclaimed open-world detective RPG, Disco Elysium, struck a chord with many last year - and those players looking for an excuse to do it all over again can now take advantage of its newly launched Hardcore Mode.

As its name suggests, Hardcode Mode isn't for the faint of heart, introducing a range of changes designed to make your life in the dilapidated city district of Martinaise even more miserable.

For starters, the difficulty of every Check goes up, meaning your chances of failure are much higher, and money is considerably harder to come by too (expect to value your few possessions more than ever). Making matters worse, pharmaceutical costs are increased and their effectiveness is reduced - so you'll likely feel the pull of booze and cigarettes more often in order to keep your head clear and your courage high.

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It's not all bad news though; ZA/UM explains that while players will need to think more carefully ("Thought Cabinet debuffs are more painful when you're already liable to fail"), thought bonuses might push you down paths you wouldn't ordinarily take. Additionally, players will level faster and higher, "if only marginally."

Hard Mode arrives as part of Disco Elysium's latest update on PC, which also brings support for ultrawide monitors. And in celebration of all this enhanced misery, there's currently 20% off the game on Steam, meaning you can pick it up for £27.99 instead of the usual £34.99.

And it's well with looking into if you haven't already. Eurogamer named Disco Elysium one of 2019's games of the year, which means that Xbox One and PS4 players have a lot to look forward to when it eventually arrives on console later this year.

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