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This Acer Nitro HDMI 2.1 monitor is down to just £399 at Box today

4K/120Hz for a whole lot less.

When they first arrived in 2020, the 4K 120Hz HDMI 2.1 monitors needed to take full advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X were both hard to find and expensive, often costing nearly £1000. Over the past few months though, prices have come down and we're starting to see big discounts on some models. Today, one of the best choices, the 28-inch Acer Nitro XV282KKV, is down to £399 at Box. That's a massive £717 discount on the monitor's list price.

For that, you're getting a capable 144Hz refresh rate for smooth output, alongside the powers of a 4K resolution to offer some great levels of detail and clarity in any games you play. The fact it comes on a 28 inch panel also provides a handy mid-range between smaller 24 inch monitors designed more for competitive gameplay, and larger 32 inch options for more cinematic gameplay.

This Acer model is also an IPS display, meaning it provides wide excellent viewing angles, and with AMD FreeSync Premium on-board, you also shouldn't be at the mercy of any screen-tearing or juddering. What's more, a rated 1ms pixel response time (GtG) means that the screen can keep up with the high refresh rate - although as usual, this response time is only applicable to the highest overdrive setting and slower settings provide a better balance between pixel response times and overshoot/undershoot.

The colours on offer with this monitor should also be more than accurate enough, with 100 percent sRGB coverage quoted providing all the colours you should need for mainstream gaming, as well as a quoted Delta E figure of less than 1 helping along to portray how good the colours of this monitor are likely to be. A quoted brightness of 300 nits or so may not be enough for HDR, but should offer a decent level of vibrancy that'll make games look rather good indeed.

If you're wanting to grab an HDMI 2.1 monitor for less, this Acer Nitro XV282KKV deal from Box is a must-look, not least because of the quality of the panel and all the features on offer, but also for the practical bargain price you're getting it for.

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