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Diablo 4 hardcore characters who die in PvP are dead, good and proper

Permadeath and aspects.

Diablo 4
Image credit: Blizzard

Diablo 4 hardcore characters who die in PvP suffer permadeath, Blizzard has signalled.

Blizzard community director Adam Fletcher confirmed the feature in a tweet. It means that if your hardcore character dies in PvP, you will have to make a new character.

Diablo veterans will be familiar with the consequences of death when playing hardcore characters. Indeed, Blizzard has in the past warned Diablo players it is in no way responsible for their hardcore characters, and will not restore them under any circumstances.

In Diablo 4, the Fields of Hatred are the place for PvP, and are entered at players' own risk. Here you kill other players, obviously, collect unique resources as well as visit unique vendors.

Diablo 4 has PvP from the get-go, in case you didn't know, and many more endgame ideas. Watch on YouTube

One of the hardest challenges in Diablo 4 is surely Fearless Combatant, which requires 10 PvP kills in hardcore mode. I wonder how many hardcore characters I'll lose to permadeath before I hit 10 kills? A fair few, I imagine.

Blizzard will open Diablo 4 up once more before launch in May for a "server slam" weekend. Then it's all about the launch in June.

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