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Diablo 4 designer confirms its world is in fact round


A Diablo 4 designer has confirmed that Sanctuary is in fact a round planet, not a flat world.

This may seem obvious - after all, our own planet is of course a sphere (sorry Flat Earthers) - but when so many games present a flat map, it's easy to misinterpret.

Harrison Pink, senior quest designer on the game, shared this "tiny lore nugget" on Twitter.

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"Sanctuary is a planet," he wrote. "I don't know if we've ever officially stated it or not, but it's 100 percent a spherical celestial body with at least one moon, not a flat plane with edges."

Pink further clarified in a reply: "Sanctuary is still in its own pocket dimension, created when Inarius and Lilith created the world to keep the world stone hidden from prying eyes."

So there you go.

But this also begs the question, what else is out there? Could one of the two confirmed expansions for the game go beyond Sanctuary and explore that moon or other planets in the same solar system?

It also got me thinking about other video game maps. The world map of Final Fantasy games, for instance, and other RPGs often loop around themselves, meaning if you fly off the east side in your airship you reappear in the west, giving the illusion of a sphere.

In other games, the edge of the world has an invisible barrier. For example, Link isn't able to sail all around Hyrule in Wind Waker.

Blizzard yesterday announced that Diablo 4 is its "fastest-selling game of all time", with players already amassing 10,000 years of playtime.

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