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Diablo 3 launch night events announced

HMV Oxford Street kicks things off in the UK.

Blizzard has announced a series of launch events to mark the long-awaited launch of action RPG sequel Diablo 3.

HMV Oxford Street in London will open late on 14th May to start selling the game from 11.00pm. The game's lead technical artist Julian Love and senior world designer Leonard Boyarsky will be in attendance, no doubt with autograph pens at the ready.

There'll also be contests, activities and giveaways starting from 10.00pm, full details of which are yet to be confirmed.

The developer is holding a number of other events around Europe too - in Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Stockholm and Moscow. Further afield, it's planning similar shindigs across the US, in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore. See the game's official site for details of what's happening and where.

Other stores in the UK will be opening late on the 14th to sell the game in time for 00.01am on 15th May, when the game's servers are turned on, though a full list hasn't been finalised.

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