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Devil May Cry turns 20 today

So let's remember why it's great.

Devil May Cry is 20 years old today.

Capcom's action series began life on 23rd August 2001, with the release of Devil May Cry on PlayStation 2.

It was directed by legendary developer Hideki Kamiya, now at Platinum Games (check out Martin's Kamiya profile from 2013), and stars Dante, a stylish demon hunter famous for his white hair, big swords and signature handguns, Ebony & Ivory.

Check out Aoife and Johnny playing the original Devil May Cry in our Late to the Party video, below (it's a lot of fun!):

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Devil May Cry - Late to the Party

Devil May Cry was a hit, spawning a franchise that has seen five numbered mainline games, as well as Ninja Theory's 2013 effort DmC: Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry was one of the most-played games in my household in the early 2000s - its responsive, slick gameplay and entertaining action kept my brother and I going for months. As new modes and abilities presented themselves with each completion, we'd jump back in to hone our craft. The first game in the series was basic in comparison to its sequels, and it was hardly combo heavy, but that didn't stop us striving for the coveted Stylish! rank as we chopped and shot up those pesky demons.

So, here's to you, Devil May Cry, and all the wonderful people who have made it so great over the years. Here's hoping there's plenty more demon hunting to come.