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Detective Pikachu Returns this October on Switch

Four years after its original announcement.

It's been a long time coming, but Detective Pikachu is finally set to make his long-awaited return in the appropriately named Detective Pikachu Returns, coming to Switch on 6th October.

A sequel to Detective Pikachu's original 2019 3DS adventure was announced that same year, but The Pokémon Company has shared little about the project in the years since.

Now, though, Detective Pikachu has resurfaced during Nintendo's latest Direct showcase. It'll once again see the titular sleuthing fuzzball team up with human pal Tim Goodman for some crime-fighting adventure, but beyond that details are limited.

Detective Pikachu Returns trailer.Watch on YouTube

Expect more to be revealed as Detective Pikachu Returns' 6th October launch approaches.

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