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Details of Apex Legends' new character leak online

A social Pariah.

Apex Legends dataminer Biast12 has revealed details of what they believe is a new Apex Legends' character: Pariah.

In a tweet - which was accompanied by what they say are screenshots taken from the game - Biast12 reports Pariah will feature an ultimate ability that enables them to activate a device that releases "a flurry of steam in all directions but becomes unable to move" and Steam that "causes burn damage directly to health" instead of armour.

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The passive, on the other hand, will enable Pariah to see enemy health bars, as well as offer immunity from stunning effects and the steam from rival Pariah SDM devices.

Finally, Pariah's tactical lets you "throw a sonar grenade revealing enemies in its area of effect" that lasts a full 15 seconds.

Here, take a peek:

Biast12 even went as far as revealing "easily changed" Legendary skin names, which include Secret Service, Lost Archive, Phantom Edge, and Chimera.

Interestingly, Pariah probably isn't the character expected to drop when Season 9 does. Biast12 points to the next Legend as being the mysterious Valk, whose silhouette we see right at the end of Respawn's recent teaser on social media.

Respawn recently announced the game now has over 100 million players in total. The news was shared on the official Apex Legends Twitter account, with an accompanying video to celebrate the milestone. The clip ends with the date of 19th April, and although there's no explanation as to what this may be, there's a brief snippet of what appears to be a town takeover - and it's left a lot of players scratching their heads.

Respawn has also hinted that Apex Legends Season 9 is going to be a big one, with "a ton of Titanfall stuff coming back into the game, in one way or another". Before that, however, the game is cycling through a series of unique modes as part of its War Games event, which is live now and runs until 27th April.

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