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Denuvo won't affect Switch performance, spokesperson claims

Nintendo not be directly involved.

Denuvo has clarified more details of its upcoming Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection solution, which it announced earlier this week.

In its announcement, the company invited publishers to include Denuvo's anti-tamper software in Switch games to help crack down on piracy and PC emulation. But many fans were not happy with Denuvo's involvement, worried about the effect the software may have on performance.

A Denuvo spokeperson has since responded to questions surrounding the software, as well as the driving parties behind it.

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In a statement to Kotaku, a Denuvo spokeperson claimed that the company's software would "not have any in-game performance impact" - which would differ from the effects Denuvo has had on PC games such as Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5 are well-documented.

The spokesperson also confirmed that Nintendo had no direct involvement in Denuvo's Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, and that it was instead prompted by "strong demand from publishing partners".

Denuvo then went on to clear up misunderstandings on how the software would work, explaining that it wouldn't rely on online checks, and said the solution was aimed at Switch emulation on PC, even if the games were legally purchased and then ROM dumped.

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