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Demon's Souls UK release uncertain

Update: US publisher Atlus responds.

Atlus has announced a 6th October release for excellent and exclusive PS3 role-playing game Demon's Souls in the US. But its European whereabouts are uncertain.

Update: Atlus USA spokesperson Aram Jabbari has offered us this:

"I'm not aware of any plans/publishers for bringing the game to Europe at this time. Hopefully the game continues to generate word of mouth and positive critical reception (like your great import review you folks did) and a European publisher takes notice."

Sony, which published the game in Japan, told Eurogamer it had "no plans to publish [Demon's Souls] in Europe at present".

Similarly Tecmo KOEI, which brought Atlus series Shin Megami Tensei to Europe, told us there are "no plans" to do the same with Demon's Souls.

Of From Software's previous games, Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade was delivered by Microsoft and Armored Core for Answer was a Ubisoft title.

We spoke to a Ubisoft rep who was  "not aware of any plans" for the company to publish Demon's Souls here.

Nevertheless, Demon's Souls is unlikely to go without a European publisher for long, as its quality is unquestionable. Head over to our Demon's Souls review to find out much more.