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Demon's Souls servers staying open

Atlus promises to keep it online into 2012.

Demon's Souls' US publisher Atlus has announced that it plans to keep the game's servers open into 2012.

Back in December 2010, it promised to keep the acclaimed PlayStation 3 RPG online until October this year. However, it's now extended that pledge indefinitely into next year.

"While it comes at significant cost to us and although it has been over two years since the game revolutionised the notion of multiplayer and online functionality in an RPG, our commitment to the game and the fans that turned it into an incredible success remains as strong as ever," commented Atlus PR man Aram Jabbari.

"While the reality is that one day the servers will ultimately close due to operation and maintenance costs, that day is not today, nor will it be this year. We're excited to continue to support one of the most significant, influential games in recent memory into its third year, and we're planning to hold more tendency events for our loyal, beloved fans.

"If you've been waiting to try Demon's Souls or held off with concern that it was too late to join in, the truth is that there's never been a better time to see what all the talk and awards are all about."

We're checking in with Namco Bandai, who published the game on these shores, to find out whether it plans to follow Atlus' lead.

Dark Souls, the game's multiplatform spiritual successor due out next month, is being published by Namco Bandai worldwide.