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Demon's Souls' PS5 character creator finally lets you make more than a misshapen monstrosity

And there's more on photo mode too.

Demon's Souls fans know all too well the struggles of attempting to create anything other than a weirdly misshapen humanoid lump of a protagonist in the game's distinctly no-frill characters creator - but a new look at developer Bluepoint's PS5 remake has revealed the days of endless Dead-eyed McRubberfaces will soon be no more.

While Demon's Souls medieval-inspired aesthetic inevitably means there are plenty of times player characters will be entirely ensconced in heavy armour, there are enough less-all-consuming equipment and armour options that a decent character creator does make a lot of sense. And Bluepoint's offering in the Demon's Souls remake is said to be flexible enough to allow for 16 million character permutations.

"We've added many more customisation options than you'll remember from the PS3 game, and also worked hard to ensure there is a satisfying variety possible for those who wish to tinker with every slider," it explains in a new PlayStation blog post. "With the number of total synchronous online players in an instance increased to six, standing out will mean so much more."

Enjoy it before it vanishes in a whirlwind of helmets.

Demon's Souls' overhauled character creator is also joined by a new Photo Mode, enabling players to make a record of the game's beautifully bleak visuals as they see fit. It'll include the option to hide weapons and helmets (for those wishing to show off their character's potentially pleasing mug), or hide characters entirely if landscapes are the preferred focus.

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Bluepoint has also included the option to strike a pose or change expression, while camera settings include zoom, film grain, filters and more. I'm not convinced cavorting around Boleteria taking selfies is entirely in keeping with the spirit of From Software's original vision, but Bluepoint certainly isn't afraid to slap its own stamp on beloved classics.

Photo Mode will mark the first time Demon's Souls players have been able to pause the game.

Filters, incidentally, can be toggled on at any point during normal gameplay if you really want to go wild with the visuals. As noted previously, there's also a filter that tunes brightness, contrast, and colour to more accurately capture the delicately oppressive gloom of the source material.

All that will be available when Bluepoint's Demon's Souls remake comes to PlayStation 5 on the console's region-specific launch day later this month.