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Demon's Souls on PS5 has over 180 game help videos

You died trying.

Demon's Souls on PlayStation 5 has over 180 game help videos available via the interface.

The revelation comes from a new feature in the Washington Post, which interviewed Demon's Souls creative director Gavin Moore as part of a wider piece on the PS5.

According to the Post, each of these videos tell players how to complete portions of the remake of the infamously difficult PlayStation 3 classic in increasing levels of visibility.

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These videos are part of a new system-level feature called Official Game Help. PS5 users can return to what's known as the Control Centre at any time during play and access these videos. They take the form of context-sensitive streaming videos that get you past the current tricky spot, without the user potentially being exposed to spoilers. These videos can be run full screen or while you are playing, via a picture-in-picture mode. You can even choose where the video sits on-screen in that latter option.

Here's how it looks in Sackboy: A Big Adventure:

As Digital Foundry reported back in October, Official Game Help doesn't apply to all games, and it seems that where it is available, it's flagged as exclusive for PlayStation Plus users.

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