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Demon's Souls on PlayStation 5 has a door that wasn't there before

And players are puzzling how to open it.

From Software's seminal lore-'em-up has always been something of an enigma, but now it's got a whole new mystery to sling on the pile, courtesy of developer Bluepoint's razzle-dazzle PS5 remake, which introduces an imposing hidden door that definitely wasn't there before.

The door in question, one that was entirely absent in Demon's Souls original 2009 incarnation on PlayStation 3, can be found in World 1-3 via the Tower Knight Archstone, and lies in a shadowy corner of the Boletarian Palace. Or rather, just to really ramp up its enigma status, it lies up a flight of stairs behind an illusory wall obscured by a mountain of rubbish at the far end of an otherwise unremarkable palace corridor.

Does anyone know how to open this door in 1-3? from r/demonssouls

As yet, no-one has figured out a way to open the mystery door, but its secrets aren't entirely safe from prying eyes; following the door's discovery, one Reddit user, going by the name Cosmic-Vagabond, managed to use the PS5 remaster's new photo mode to to peer behind the door, revealing a moody balcony and, more pertinently, a strange glowing item on a pedestal.

Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond managed to use photo mode to peer behind Demon's Souls mystery door.

As you might imagine, the Demon's Souls community, faced with the game's first new riddle in over a decade, is already attempting to solve the mystery and tease the door open. Some have suggested that entry might require wearing a specific combination of clothing, or the acquisition of a particular PlayStation Trophy, or a certain World Tendency.

Another redditor, You_Nwah, has offered what sounds to my ears like the start of a very plausible avenue of investigation, however; Bluepoint's Demon's Souls remake introduces a new Gold Coin item, dropped by the Fat Official located, coincidentally enough, in 1-3.

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This is particularly notable as Bluepoint's previous remake, Shadow of the Colossus, also added a secret, this one granting access to the Sword of Dormin behind a hidden door beneath the starting temple - but only once players had managed to acquire 79 "enlightenments", a new collectible that players had dubbed, yes, Gold Coins.

Whether the obvious similarities ultimately prove fruitful in the quest to open Demon's Souls' new door remains to be seen. Regardless, Bluepoint's dramatically spruced up adventure is one worth taking, with Eurogamer's Martin Robinson calling it a "full-blooded roar of a remake...with a spectacle befitting of a big ticket console launch" in his Recommended review.