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Demon's Souls getting a long-awaited remake on PlayStation 5

Courtesy of Bluepoint.

Fans have been asking for it for years, and Sony has finally delivered: From Software's seminal third-person action opus Demon's Souls is getting an extremely shiny PS5 remake.

Sony's announcement trailer, which you can see below, offers a stunning, whistle-stop tour of some of Boletaria's most iconic locales, albeit with an unexpectedly bold, rather more vibrant art style that appears notably removed from the delicately muted palette that so beautifully defined the original's unforgettable atmosphere.

Cover image for YouTube videoDemon's Souls - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Sony's Demon's Souls remake is being handled by Bluepoint (the studio responsible for the acclaimed 2017 Shadow of Colossus remake on PlayStation 4) and it'll be making its way to PlayStation 5 at some undisclosed point in the future.