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DayZ creator launches Vive-exclusive strategy shooter on Early Access

It's called Out of Ammo.

DayZ creator Dean Hall has launched an HTC Vive-exclusive strategy game called Out of Ammo on Steam Early Access for £10.99.

The debut of Hall's new studio RocketWerkz, Out of Ammo tasks players with overseeing a battlefield where you can issue orders to soldiers, build defenses, call in air strikes, and even possess your units.

"Out of Ammo has been designed exclusively around the HTC Vive," the developer stated on Steam. "Possessing your units allows you to utilise the full capability and power of the positional tracking; take cover behind sandbags, lean over a tower railing, or duck behind your sandbags and grab a grenade to throw as a last resort! Full physics applied to game objects further enhances your experience allowing you to position your magazines in the space around you ready for when you need to reload."

The current build contains four environments (Woodland, Desert, Alpine, Urban) and five unit types (Rifleman, Sniper, Rocketeer, Medic and Engineer).

RocketWerkz noted that this Early Access build "can be a bit clunky to use, and unintuitive. It may be unoptimised for older graphics cards." The developer plans to polish it up and release a more refined version in a month or two.

Here's a trailer showing how Out of Ammo looks in action:

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