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Daytona USA is coming to Xbox One today

Let's go away!

What a day to be alive. The skies are blue, spring's in the air and DAYTONA USA IS COMING TO XBOX ONE.

Sorry for shouting. It is quite exciting news though.

More specifically, Sega's 2011 remaster of the 1993 arcade original is coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibilty. It is a very good version of a very good game, as I pointed out in our original review of Daytona USA on Xbox 360. The original stems from Sega's early 90s heyday, developed by its AM2 team and giving the Model 2 board an early and impressive run out. Thankfully, it's as playable now as it was back then.

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Sega's revived the Daytona brand recently, with an arcade revival of the original game also coming to arcades soon. Now, how about getting Daytona USA 2 out to consoles too?

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Oh and also Stacking and Tower Bloxx Deluxe are coming to Xbox One too if they're your sort of thing.