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Dataminer discovers clues pointing to Apex Legends Arena Mode

Code in patch 6.1 teases UI slots for a brand new mode.

A dataminer believes they've uncovered evidence of a new, unannounced Apex Legends mode - Arena Mode.

While this is, naturally, only speculation at this point - and even if it's real, it's possible the plans won't come to fruition for a considerable time, if at all - dataminer Shrugtal has uncovered code added to the 6.1 patch that supports UI slots on the "Play" menu for a new Arena Mode.

"Wondering if they're planning to transfer the Flashpoint-style healing into a smaller arena-sized squads mode," the dataminer said, along with a screenshot of the alleged code. "Would greatly help warming up and training for Apex."

"They did mention wanting to bring Skull Town back," Shrugtal opined in a follow-up tweet (thanks, Comic Book). "Maybe this is the solution, for example, a "Skull Town-only" map with a handful of Squads?"

Respawn's free-to-play battle royale may soon sport a real-time damage tracker. In a brief exchange on Twitter, a fan reached out to Apex Legends' design director, Jason McCord, to ask if there were plans afoot to add a damage meter. McCord's response wasn't lengthy, admittedly, and didn't confirm when we'll see it, let alone how the feature would be implemented, but they did confirm that it's "on a list".

In related news, the patch notes for Aftermarket, the latest Apex Legends update that rolled out yesterday, explained that the dev team had been struggling to nerf Wraith for some time, and previous changes to her abilities had not been enough to balance the character. As a result, Wraith now has a new set of sprint animations, which are designed to make her stand more upright and "expose a larger area of her body to gunfire".

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