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Darkfall date and pricing firmed up

PVP MMO available for download next week.

Darkfall Online, the independently-developed player-versus-player MMO, will be released for download next week by Greek developer Adventurine.

The game will cost EUR 42 (approximately GBP 37) and come with a month of play-time. After that, a subscription will cost EUR 11.77 (GBP 10.36) per month, according to the developer. There will be 10 and 15 per cent discounts on the subscription rate for three- and six-month packages. These prices don't include VAT.

Pre-orders will be available "in the next couple of days". If you're interested in Darkfall, you might want to consider it - Adventurine is limiting the number of copies of the game it puts on sale, to ensure it has enough server space to cope with demand.

Although the launch is European only, players from North America are welcome to join in, and will be offered free character transfers to US servers as and when these become available.

Darkfall is a levelling-free, skill-based MMO with completely unrestricted PVP combat, and full corpse-looting on death, just like in the good (or bad) old days. You can find more information on the Darkfall gamepage, and look out for a full preview soon.