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Darkfall 2.0 may wipe current characters

Overhaul leaves "no aspect untouched".

All existing Darkfall characters may be wiped when Darkfall 2.0 launches, developer Aventurine has forewarned.

Existing players stand to lose hundreds of hours of invested game-time should that happen.

But Darkfall producer Tasos Flambouras insisted that in Darkfall 2.0, wiping a character's progress "would not be as drastic" as in Darkfall 1.

"We've considered wipes on various levels," wrote Flambouras on the Darkfall website. "However, these are important decisions, because while this is like a new game, it's still the continuation of the current one.

"Also, the way things will work in the new version - it would not be as necessary to wipe, but wiping would also not be as drastic as it would be in the current version.

"No aspect of the game has been left untouched."

Tasos Flambouras, producer, Darkfall

"This is a topic we'll open up for discussion after we've given you more information on the new version of the game, so you can understand all the parameters involved."

Flambouras called Darkfall 2.0 "a very ambitious project" that represents more than two years of "lessons learned". A larger team than made the original Darkfall will make Darkfall 2.0.

"No aspect of the game has been left untouched," he promised. "It's very much a new game, but at the same time it's the next chapter to the game we're currently playing."

Internet whispers suggest Aventurine will make Darkfall 2.0 free-to-play. Current Darkfall players will not have to pay for Darkfall 2.0, promised Flambouras, and those loyal fans will also be invited to test Darkfall 2.0 as well as conclude Darkfall 1.0.

When? Well therein lies the burning question.

"About an ETA for this: as I mentioned in the last activity report, we'll know more in August," said Flambouras. "As far as development goes, the major tasks are almost concluded, however there's quite a bit of internal testing, balancing and polishing left."

Darkfall launched as a hardcore player-versus-player fantasy subscription MMO in February 2009.

Eurogamer's first Darkfall review awarded 2/10, but was called into question by Aventurine and a storm of controversy followed.

A second Darkfall review was commissioned in good faith to a different writer who decided the MMO was worth 4/10.