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Dark Souls 3 - Irithyll Dungeon

Our comprehensive walkthrough for surviving the Irithyll Dungeon section of Dark Souls 3 and reaching the Profaned Capital in one piece.

Head down the passageway and pillage the corpses in the rooms off to the sides.

Through the arch at the other end you'll come across a large enemy wielding a branding iron. She passes from right to left and then stays hidden round the corner.

If you attack quickly you should be able to defeat her before she notices you, and these enemies can temporarily reduce your max HP so a quick kill is crucial. It's also important to wait for your HP bar to return to normal before using any Estus, so as to avoid wasting it.

Head along the narrow ledge, and at the wider area about halfway down, turn left to fight off the branding-iron enemies. There's one in the alcove and one across the bridge, but their exact locations depend on how long it took you to get here.

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Carry on to the end to pillage the corpse, then backtrack a few feet and take the narrow archway to your left. Drop down at the top of the stairs to surprise the enemy below, and watch out for the cages full of corpses as several of them will move to attack.

Head through the arch and turn right to find a zombie guarding a Large Soul.

Head towards the other end and in an alcove on the left you can find a few more zombies watching over the Old Sorcerer armour set, and the last alcove contains the Great Magic Shield spell.

Head back up to where you fought the two branders and cross the bridge. Turn right, defeat the brander and the handful of zombies, and then head into the end cell to pillage the corpse.

The cell next door has a collapsed wall, so head through the hole and take out the enemy in the next chamber and then open the grating. Turn left and unlock the door to create a shortcut, and then head to the cell at the far end to find a key before doubling back and heading down the stairs.

There are three branders here along with a cage of corpses, and in the small cell you'll find a Simple Gem.

Head into the passageway and fight off two more cages, then head left. Grab the gem bug, pass through the door at the end, take a left down the stairs, and take out the enemies ahead. One will also drop in behind you so watch your back.

Head through the arch and up the stairs and take out the eight enemies that emerge from the right.

In the corner of the corridor is a ladder heading down. Take it and open the door at the end but don't go through, and instead climb back up.

Head to the dead end in the corridor and drop down the hole, then stick close to the left of the path and walk behind the sleeping giant towards the sewer entrance.

There are a few giant rats in here, and more will emerge from a hole in the wall ahead.

Enter the hole once you've cleared them out and take on two extra-large rats. Open the metal grate and head into the large chamber, but stick close to the left hand edge. Run up the steps and keep to the right, step on the elevator, and unlock the door to create another shortcut.

Head back down to the large chamber and through the arch on the left. There are half a dozen glowing babies in here to deal with and some Profane Coal to collect.

Once the room is empty, open the grating, then either confront the branders in the large area or time your exit to avoid them. If you turn immediately left there's a small tunnel you can shelter in before making a break for the arch at the end.

Head down the steps and cross the bridge towards Profaned Capital.

- Our walkthrough continues with a step-by-step guide to completing Dark Souls 3's Profaned Capital and Yhorm the Giant sections.

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