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D3Publisher unveils Eat Lead

Self-parodying shooter for 360, PS3.

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D3Publisher has whipped the wrappers off of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, a third-person shooter due for release on PS3 and 360 in Q1 2009.

The game is based around the titular videogame action hero who stars in a blockbuster videogame that turns out to be actually threatening his life. Confusing. But also funny, apparently.

Writer's Guild Award winner Dave Ellis is behind the satirical idea, and also happens to be a co-founder of developer Vicious Cycle Software.

There's not much to put next to the studio's name, apart from a middleware game engine for PS3 and 360, or news of D3Publisher acquiring the studio in summer 2007.

Specifically, Eat Lead will use a cover system and employ an interactive melee mechanic. There will also be upgradeable weapons to look into along the way.

"Eat Lead parodies some of our fondest memories in classic gaming and pop culture, so gamers will have a laugh out loud experience every time they pick-up the controller," said Pete Andrew, who does something at D3Publisher. We'll remember that, Pete.

There's an Eat Lead website kicking around, although there's nothing but a splash screen there at the moment.

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