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Cut The Rope 2 confirmed

Sequel for BAFTA-winning iOS smash.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

First details regarding a follow-up to iOS mega-hit Cut The Rope have been let out of their box.

IGN has secured a few pieces of concept of art for the sequel to last year's delightful physics-based puzzler.

There's not an awful lot to go on other than a few glimpses of gluttonous protagonist Om Nom climbing out of his crate, suggesting a more expansive setting for the game.

There's also a reference to a new character – the Professor, though in what capacity he contributes to proceedings is currently unclear.

And that's your lot. No hint of a release date either.

As detailed in our Cut The Rope review, the delicious Zepto Labs-developed effort secured a near-perfect 9/10 from Eurogamer upon release last October, and snagged a BAFTA for best handheld game of the year back in March.

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