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Cult of the Lamb celebrates first birthday with Don't Starve Together crossover

Much ado about mutton.

Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve Together
Image credit: Devolver Digital

The self-proclaimed anthropomorphic occultists over at Massive Monster have teamed up with sustenance enthusiasts Klei Entertainment to bring us a Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve Together crossover event - something the two companies have dubbed an "Unholy Communion".

This update, which is available now, is part of Cult of the Lamb's anniversary celebrations, with the dungeon-crawling management sim recently turning one.

Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve Together Update Available Now.Watch on YouTube

However, don't expect to see your flock enjoying a knees up meal with cake and party poppers as part of this crossover. Rather, the team has introduced a new game mode known as Penitence, which will see your Lamb needing to "eat and sleep to survive, along with their followers" for the occasion.

There is an ace up your cult's hypothetical sleeve, however - a "unique Webber follower form" has been introduced to the game, and they will never die of starvation. "Use them wisely," Massive Monster urges.

You can see a little teaser for this crossover in the video above.

Along with this new Penitence mode, there are also some Don't Starve Together themed decorations for you to adorn your cultish surroundings with. The Cult of the Lamb team has suggested these may distract your followers from any stomach woes they may be suffering, but as someone who can definitely get hangry, I am not so sure.

It is not just Cult of the Lamb that will be benefiting from this crossover. Don't Starve Together players will now be able to find a Cult of the Lamb crown trinket in the Oasis, with this crown able to be given as a tribute to the Antlion. If players do this, they will be rewarded with blueprints for Tabernacle base decoration, speed-boosting Brick Flooring, and some new Gold Flooring.

Lastly, the developer has stated that a limited time login bonus will grant players a free item and pet skins to bring the Lamb and their gear to their next world. So, there ewe have it.

Cult of the Lamb
Image credit: Massive Monster

If you are yet to give this whole 'leading a cult' thing a go, be sure to read Euroagmer's Cult of the Lamb review. Our Christian Donlan was quite taken with the game on its release, saying Cult of the Lamb's "desire to please shines throughout", while calling it a "charmer with a hundred moving parts".

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