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These CryEngine-fuelled trailers reveal Xbox One exclusive Ryse's story

There's no place like Rome.

We've heard plenty about Ryse: Son of Rome's control scheme and combat mechanics - perhaps too much - but have so far been able to glean little about its story.

The two trailers below - posted by Gamespot - finally go into some detail.

First up is a look at how Ryse's hero Marius Titus got to be so vengeful and stab-happy. It's worth a look just to see how well Crytek's combination of mo-cap and CryEngine wizardry is able to animate the game's characters.

Fair warning - there are minor spoilers here for what is probably the beginning of the game and a few dodgy British accents.

Next, Ryse tells the legend of Damocles, a doomed Roman centurion who has returned from the underworld thirsty for vengeance. It's told through some niftily stylised animation and again allows CryEngine to flex its graphical muscles.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube