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Crytek: Free-to-play Timesplitters 4 a possibility

Yerli: "If we get enough fans being loud enough..."

The Timesplitters series could see a resurrection on Crytek's GFACE free-to-play platform, so says company founder Cevat Yerli.

Speaking in an interview with Videogamer, Yerli explained that although he personally loved the series and would love to make another entry, publishers just aren't interested in picking up the FPS franchise.

"I wish we would develop it. We can't develop it the way Free Radical had started it before we acquired them," he said.

"When we looked at it - and again, I love Timesplitters, I'm a huge Timesplitters fan particularly of the multiplayer part. I love the idea, I love the brand, I love everything - but the publishers don't. That's reality. And I don't want to spend our own money on the project in a retail business."

However, he then added that there might be a second way.

"So let me say it this way: I love the picture of a Timesplitters running on GFACE," he teased.

"So if we get enough fans, being loud enough..."

Duly, if you feel like raising your voice, there's currently a fan petition up and running over on Facebook, which has already picked support from a few of the series' original developers.

The series started out life at developer Free Radical, which Crytek bought back in 2009. For more on the franchise's troubled history take a look at our recent profile of the UK studio.

As reported earlier this month, Crytek plans to go F2P-only once it's completed its current slate of boxed products.

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