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Critics trash Max Payne film

Tops US box office nonetheless.

Critics have sullied what appears on paper to be a successful opening weekend for the Max Payne film.

The big-screen adaptation took USD 18 million to top the US box office, according to Reuters, but the average review score is a pitiful 3/10.

Rolling Stone calls Max Payne a "career low" for lead actor Mark Wahlberg, who wears "a scowl that could have been painted on digitally with more expressiveness".

"If you stay and watch the endless end credits, there's a short scene that hints a sequel is coming. That's what I call real pain," added the review. One star out of five.

Max Payne also stars Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Family Guy actress Mila Kunis, plus Beau Bridges, rapper Ludacris and new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

Max Payne opens across the UK on 14th November.