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Crackdown 2 dated for July

Agent Tall Summer-Breeze.

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Microsoft has announced a 9th July 2010 release date for Crackdown 2.

Xbox community manager Graeme Boyd revealed the date on Twitter moments ago.

"Listen up Agents! We've just announced the Crackdown 2 release date as July 9, 2010. Prepare yourself," Tweeted Boyd, aka AceyBongos

His next Tweet pointed to a new Crackdown 2 developer diary, titled "Fun With Friends".

Crackdown 2 introduces super-powered enemies and four-player co-op to the crime-busting Xbox 360 series that not so much turned heads as span them around like basketballs in early 2007.

The last we saw of the sequel and wrote about was in November 2009.

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