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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still MIA from EU PSN

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD launches though.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has updated the EU PlayStation Store and downloadable shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still nowhere to be seen.

The game launched on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and the US PSN last week.

"I know a lot of you were hoping for news on Counter Strike: Global Offensive but I'm afraid I've no new information to share today," wrote PlayStation's Andy Stewart on the EU PlayStation Blog.

"Rest assured we'll update you as soon as possible."

CS:GO is just one of many games that have already launched on the US PSN but failed to materialise on the EU PSN. Developer Telltale said this week that Walking Dead Episode 3, already out in the US, is in submission with SCEE and as soon as it receives a release date confirmation will make an announcement.

As you'd expect, PlayStation fans have reacted in anger.

Dead Camper wrote: "And of course, as everyone sadly expected, no Counter-Strike: GO. You people are unbelievable."

iPapa_x added: "Another joke of an update, all people want is some sort of indication of what is going on with CS:GO, sort it out."

While Sony has apologised for the delay, it is yet to explain it. And developer Valve is yet to chime in with an explanation of its own.

Back to today's update: new PS3 games out today include Anomaly Warzone Earth, Dungeon Twister, Rock Band Blitz, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and PS Move game Lights, Camera, Party! The Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC also launches today.

And, as announced, over 100 PSone games launch today for PS Vita, some of which are going for 99p. There's more on the EU PS Blog.

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