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Countdown to mystery Sony game begins

Could be sequel to PSP dungeon crawler.

The traditional bedfellows of rumour and speculation are rolling around on the Internet mattress again following the appearance of a mysterious countdown page on Sony Japan's website.

The page morphs from a pixellated or2 into a pixellated orz after a few clicks, whilst a cutesified bogey squishes across the base of the screen. Current front-runner in the wild-guess sweepstakes of 'What It Could Mean' is Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida 2, a sequel to a PSP dungeon crawler which translates roughly to These Darn Adventures. Considering the first one clearly features the exact same animated slime-chap, we're putting Auntie Esther's tea service into pawn and putting the money on that.

The original never hit the Western market, so we're not overly confident that this sequel will ship overseas either, especially if it turns out to be a PSN only title as expected. Nonetheless, Japanese-speaking fans of retro-styled dungeon crawlers can start sweating in anticipation of the official announcement on Friday.

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