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Complete Diablo lore book coming

Get me-phist-to the shop.

A real tome of Diablo lore will be released alongside Diablo III, Blizzard has announced.

You'll be able to nonchalantly flick through pages of backstory, who's-who and what-does-this-class-do until your heart is content, wrote GameSpot. It sounds like the book spans the entire Diablo franchise

The lore book will be themed as the journal of Deckard Cain, the iconic old magician and advisor from Diablo I and Diablo II. Maybe there will be snazzy artwork. Maybe the lore book will be stuffed inside Collector's Editions of the PC action role-playing game.

Diablo III carries no release date. An external beta test is planned for Q3 2011.

Blizzard tends to reserve major game announcements for BlizzCon, the fan event that this year takes place on 21st and 22nd October. Will that be too late to announce a 2011 release date for Diablo III?

The infamous leaked Blizzard release schedule put Diablo III in a Q4 2011 launch window.

Eurogamer's Diablo III preview called the game "murderously pretty and playable".

Diablo III's followers.