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Commandos 2 remaster heading to Switch in December

Will release both physically and digitally.

Kalypso Media's remaster of developer Pyro Studios' much-loved WW2 real-time stealth-tactics classic Commandos 2 will be coming to Switch on 4th December.

Commandos 2 - HD Remaster, as Kalypso's spruce-up is officially known, initially released for PC in January, before making its way to Xbox One and PS4 in September. The core of the experience, as you'd hope, remains largely identical to Pyro Studios' notoriously challenging 2001 original, tasking players with leading a small team of WW2 soldiers - each with its own speciality, from sniper to demolitions expert - across a series of isometric stages in order to complete various open-ended sabotage and assassination missions.

Kalypso's remaster effort introduced the likes of graphical enhancements, reworked controls, a modernised UI, and an improved tutorial on PC, but was roundly criticised for removing key features - from multiple view panes to Commandos 2's entire multiplayer mode - while adding in an absolute mountain of bugs and performance issues at launch.

A first look at Commandos 2 - HD Remaster running on Switch.Watch on YouTube

Fans weren't exactly overjoyed to discover that Kalypso had opted to remove what it called "extreme political symbols", such as swastikas, from the game either, rather dampening the original's grasp for historical authenticity.

Not exactly a promising start then, but Kalypso has continued to address concerns since launch - releasing bug and performance fixes, as well as introducing requested features such as enhanced zoom levels - but it's still questionable if the remaster is the best way to play what's otherwise a much-loved classic on PC.

Obviously though, Commandos 2's upcoming Switch release is the only way to play the game on Nintendo's console - and with the original's core gameplay still largely intact, it might yet be a tempting proposition for those looking for some old-school strategy action on the go. Those that count themselves within that number can purchase the Commandos 2 - HD Remaster either digitally or physically for around £24.99 when it comes to Switch on 4th December.

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